Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sneak Peek at the upcoming FR2 line

At the official WClub luncheon, we were treated to a sneak peek at the upcoming FR2 line of dolls. We were told that along with future new characters, we'd be seeing some of the facemolds that aren't used as often in the mainline move into this line.  So this is why we see Elyse Jolie here and why we will see Dominique moved over here too.  I'm wondering if we'll see Isha or Ayumi move here too.

I'm telling you, this line was VERY well received and now that people have Dasha & Elyse in their hands, they are loving the new bodies.  I honestly think when this line becomes available for preorder, that it will be sold out VERY quickly.  We were told that this line will have some great fashions and that we'll finally see the amazing shoes, jewelry and purses that have been lacking somewhat in the main FR line.

We were also informed that the FR main line will have a better price point next year (and I think that's because they may be more basic dolls and the FR2 line will be the more "souped up" line with all the bells and whistles that we're looking for).  I'm guessing price points for FR2 will be $150-200.  So here are your sneak peeks >>>

I'm not sure if this one is Dasha or Elyse? My guess is Dasha

Another Dasha

Now a blond Dasha

Now we've definitely got Elyse (love her as a raven haired beauty!)

And now an amazing blond Elyse! (a must have for me!)

And now the fabulously gorgeous Dominique! (my fav of the bunch!)

And these final 2 are FASHIONS ONLY


  1. Wow--very nice! Thanks for posting these, too!

  2. They're really going edgy and high-fashion. I like it. :) Some beautiful purses & ankle boots, too.

  3. Love the fashions and the bodies but don't like the characters! If they have Isha and Ayumi like you said then I will get the dolls!


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