Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Limited edition Yeru is already sold out.

LE Yeru. Photo property of Peak's Woods.
But I have to post a photo of her anyway. I have this doll, and she is so sweet. This girl is part of the limited edition Christmas event that Peak's Woods is doing online.

Almost daily, they are releasing ultra-limited and complete BJDs--full sets, some parts, some with special face-ups--that will ship right after they are paid in full. Lay-away is available, starting at just a $50 deposit.

This limited Yeru has a special face-up, and she is a normal skin, normal bust doll. She included a random wig and random 20mm eyes, plus additional hand parts. The outfit wasn't included, but isn't it cute?

I'll include a photo of my Yeru below, so you can see her default face-up. Mine is also a normal skin version.

My Peak's Woods Yeru, default face-up. Her lips are fuller, mouth is painted open, and her brows are set higher.

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