Monday, November 15, 2010

Top 10 pet peeves in doll collecting

  1. Waiting for new releases to ship.
  2. Waiting for the UPS truck or the mail carrier.
  3. Waiting for ball-jointed dolls to be manufactured. (The Queen Bee does not like to wait.)
  4. Smokey smells on "NRFB" and "mint" dolls.
  5. Super limited editions on dolls I'd love to own.
  6. Limited dolly funds, especially when above limited editions are released.
  7. Promo photos that misrepresent the doll.
  8. Catty message forums (fora? What is the plural of "forum"?).
  9. Too much red (or pink) lipstick!
  10. Great doll lines that get discontinued--I'd love to see the rest of Theatre de la Mode by Tonner, or more of the Victorian Tea collection in Barbie.


  1. Tee hee, recognise number 4 all too well, or sometimes the cigarette smoke is barely obscured by the overpowering whiff of "fabreze"!!!

  2. One of my pet peeves is overpackaging (too much wire, string, cardboard, and plastic) of contemporary dolls. There is too much waste and it sometimes takes over an hour to get a doll out of a box!

  3. # 11 Dolls that are advertised, and take forever to finally ship.

    # 12 Extremely small editions that seem to sell out just before you get all the money together.

    # 13 Change in body designs that means the wardrobe and accessories that have FINALLY come together in your collection won't fit the newbies, meaning yet more expense getting them clothes, shoes and other accessories.

    # 14 Prices raising - yes, I know that the doll companies have rising expenses too, but surely their expenses aren't rising that fast!

    # 15 New doll lines that seem to overshadow old lines, and get more attention in terms of dolls and outfits/accessories released.

    # 16 Outfit and accessory colors that seem limited to a certain portion of the spectrum - in Barbie's case, this is pink.

    # 17 Certain hair and eye color combinations get more releases than others - usually blue eyed blondes.

    # 18 Timid doll or outfit/accessory concepts - trying to avoid controversy by the "easily offended" set.

    # 19 Lack of hunky manplastic! One of MY biggest pet peeves, most of the male fashion dolls are generic arm candy for the ladies. At least the FR and Barbie sized girls have hunky action figures to turn to, when the fashion males are too dorky looking. Handsome, rugged guys - not too much to ask for!

    # 20 Lack of ethnic dolls - Asians, Africans, Polynesians, Native Americans, Arabs, etc. There are lots of people in the world, seeing a different "exotic" ethnicity in doll form is really cool.

    # 21 Movie/TV show dolls that don't look much like the characters after all.

  4. # 22 Great dolls the collector is interested in being released all at once.

  5. I agree on no.7 It's happened so often to me. Nothing worse than a doll who doesn't look like she's supposed to.



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