Thursday, November 18, 2010

Convention Review: Poppy Madness!

As a Poppy Parker fan, I was in heaven at this year's convention!  There was a luncheon that was entirely dedicated to Poppy.  An amazing centerpiece could by won by 2 people at the table (unfortunately I wasn't one), then there was the Ask Any Girl Poppy giftset that was part of the collection AND we all got a free Poppy named Tears Go By.  That on top of a slideshow presentation about next year's line and Poppy's new friend Darla!  I'm telling you... Poppy heaven!

First up here is the giftset Poppy.  Everyone was really excited because she uses the same screening as Bergdorf Poppy, which is a very well loved doll.  So as you can see she has the same eyes and eyebrows as Bergdorf, but she does have a slightly tanned skintone, which is new to Poppy.  She came dressed in an ivory lace and brown satin dress.  Her additional outfits were a brown pair of walking shorts with a rose cowl necked sweater and spectator shoes! Plus a boucle suit with a "That Girl" inspired hat.  She also comes with a plain brown pair of shoes and brown and gold jewelry and little white gloves.  She's super cute!  and of course I've already taken down her hair from that under-roll, LOL, so the last shot is so you can see how long her hair is.

Here is a quick shot of the centerpiece doll.  She came with red hair and was wearing a variation (in purple & black) of the "Look of Love" Poppy gown.

The slide show presentation from David Buttry talked about his inspiration for the 2011 line.  Poppy will basically be moving into the late 60's and be inspired by the Motown look and the British "mod" invasion.  And the biggest news is that Poppy will meet Darla, an up and coming Mowtown singer and they will become the best of friends.  So here is a quick shot of the promo shot of Darla!

Then they were sneaky and showed us a picture of a Poppy that showed the mod inspiration for next year and then surprised us by saying that we won't have to wait until next year because we were all getting one! yay! Free Poppy!  This one is called Tears Go By and has quickly become my favorite one (other than Bergdorf of course).  She has that amazing Jean Shrimpton look going on here!

And finally there was a workshop that taught how to give Poppy a wrapped ponytail.  This workshop offered a Poppy head for purchase (and body if you'd like that too) so you could work on her hair.  So that's another Poppy we got!  This one was very similar to Summer Magic, last year's free Poppy.

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