Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm thankful for... #14

Eat Cake, OOAK, originally uploaded by alington.

Let Them Eat Cake, The Duchess sculpt on an Antoinette body by Tonner Doll. She was from the 2010 Tonner Convention, and I hear she wasn't very popular, and many people don't care for her sculpt. I do. I think she's lovely. I got her from Carol at Bearzabout at the IFDC Convention for a steal.

She came with this purple lingerie (she's wearing it), shoes and her hair in an elaborate Rococo style. I've pinned it up, added fringe and feathers, and also added earrings. I've also created some pieces to make her into Marie Antoinette. You can see a few more photos on Flickr.

I made a very large skirt, gathered with a wide band, which is tucked under the last row of the lingerie chiffon and bow. I also added an overskirt, which is worn tied in the front. I used decorative machine stitching to embroider the skirt, and added trim, in the same color thread as the lavender fabric. I happen to have a pannier for a larger BJD, which fits her perfectly.

I also added sleeves (first embroidered), with gathered elastic at both ends. (Like all Antoinette-bodied dolls, she has removable hands for easy dressing.) Finally, I made a collar with a casing, through which I threaded a silver ribbon, which can be adjusted as necessary.

Let it be known that I really don't sew anything three dimensional, but if you have nice fabric (this is dupioni silk, on sale at the Yardage Town), lots is forgiven!


  1. Just a note on that curious "prop" in the background... Yes, it's a little early. Thanksgiving isn't for two days. However, when your four children are home for an entire week, you need to be creative and give them something to do. ;)

    Plus, we're in CA, and our tree is unfortunately not a real tree. Thank goodness for Bath & Body Works' Evergreen scent!

  2. Oh, yes, I saw her at the Crossroads show in June - probably that very doll, in fact, at Carol's booth. IF I had had the money, I might have gotten her myself! Glad to know she went to someone I know and like who will give her a good home.

    Odd that she doesn't seem to be popular. I'm with you, she is a lovely sculpt. I'd like to see this girl as a lovely raven, but then I want to see just about EVERY single doll sculpt as a raven. Congrats on your purchase!

    Jacqueline Frost, from the Re-Imagination line uses this sculpt and the Antoinette body.

    P.S. I started hearing Christmas music the day AFTER Halloween. The closest I have come to the holiday spirit is to hand Christmas Tree-June (formerly Gilt Glamour Stella) a string of scale lights. She's unhappy, because, alas, they are not WORKING lights, and she wants me to bug the seller for a refund!

  3. If she isn't very popular, can someone send one of her my way? XD I couldn't find her online at most places I looked.



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