Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm thankful for... (our first post!)

Strike a pose, originally uploaded by alington.
True Royalty Vanessa. She's one of the reasons I was attracted to Fashion Royalty dolls in the first place. I love historical fashion and historically inspired fashion, and she's perfect.

I was able to find the doll, dress, shoes and a few accessories gently used. Her original hairstyle had been taken down, so she's been fun to restyle. Sometimes, for me, it's easier to play with a doll who has already been removed from her box.


  1. I don't know about you, but the reason I have "fewer problems" with a doll I have bought already deboxed, is that I don't feel so guilty at having "spoiled" the doll's outfit or grooming. Updos tend to last microseconds once I debox a doll, because updos DO come down eventually, and dolls look pretty pathetic with their hairstyles falling apart. Then, too, like Mark, I have "issues" with styling gel, which sometimes feels like portland cement.

    Anyway, congratulations on finding yourself a girl who inspired you to start a new aspect to your collection, and your huggy to inspect the ceiling for those pesky cobwebs that occupy Lily when your doll collection is locked up.

  2. Thank you, Terri!

    And Blue, I'm like the man with two left feet in Best in Show (only with hands) when it comes to dolls and hair. ;)


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